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SISU FORMOSA FESTIVAL  is a multidisciplinary festival that collaborates different fields of art from various cultural backgrounds, including music, visual arts, and culinary delight from Finland and Taiwan. In 2022, we will hold our first edition involved with many distinguished artists and groups.



Music is the most powerful and international language. Through our music performance, we wish to bring calmness and peace to people and the world.


The concert is an intercultural style presented by a tabla player I-Han Fu and Erinys Quartet.  The music in this program collaborates with various musical elements from all over the world. include the composition Formosa and Sisu, composed by I-Han Fu. And ‘Tabla Rasa’ and ’Dr. Mysore’ was composed by famous Dutch musician Oene van Geel, who gave strong influence and inspiration to I-Han.



The performers, three musicians with their distinct instruments, inhabit the space during the performance span as they talk to each other, interact with their surroundings, play music, negotiate things like they usually do. The musicians’ personal items spreading across in the space, await a new conversation to take place upon interaction.

The durational performance has no strict starting and ending point, hence the audiences are welcome to arrive and leave at any moment of the performance. 



The world and life are mysterious wonders that could never be explained nor understood fully. Humans and all living creatures on Earth are merely passersby of a particular time and space.


We can grasp an idea of the world and life as a mega web intertwined with infinite storylines of each individual who lived and passed. The existence of life and events can only be glimpsed and proven through documentation from a person’s perception.



As a Chinese proverb said: ‘Food is the paramount necessity of the people.'
<民以食為天>。 Food has become a part of the symbol of culture which is the most inseparable from life.

In this <Feast> event, we collaborate with the concert by Erinys Quartet with I-Han Fu and a desserty event. We would like to present to you not only the music but with the most typical desserts and beverages from Finland and Taiwan.

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